Updates From The Field


  • Con Mis Manos is working to help the deaf in Matamoros and growing rapidly with over 45 students, many of whom the culture rejects. With the expansion, improvements were needed and  WFM and CMM has received gifts and the construction of two phases of the three phase new classroom is complete with the third phase just finished..  Also a grant has been obtained for a nice Playground. The school is in the new semester providing one of the largest and most unique ministries in all of Mexico.  Deaf folks in Mexico have are abused and often ignored.  CMM gives them education, hope and Jesus Christ.  With girls and boys dorm facilities, 4-8 students are housed on average, who may not have a good home. Other students are picked up across the city with the School vans. CMM is also working with Good News Productions for Gospel video for the Deaf.

  • The Universidad Cristiana de Mexico in Queretaro has the fall semester underway, with restrictions from the pandemic. 


  • The HASTEN Medical clinic in Monclova takes to the road  as our doctor, dentist and helpers went to several area churches where people received medical attention, medicines, vitamins, haircuts, dental work, eyeglasses, as well as clothing and other school supplies collected by the area congregations. 


   With the Covid shutdown, the Mexico economy has tumbled.  We have been able to appeal for extra help and are concentrating on sending money through the churches to see that families have food and household supplies.  We have sent several thousands dollars to many areas hard hit.   Pray for an quick end to this crisis. 

          We have  expansion construction projects of buildings in need of support.   Also  money for vehicles for congregations to be able to help transport  people who have no cars.  There are over 10 other projects looking for funding and more requests coming in.  

      The church at 21 de Marzo in Monclova has completed their first phase of expanded building with a kitchen and bathrooms. The labor was provided by church members and while the mission has been able to help some, the folks are raising the money little by little.  Also classroom expansion advancing at the 2nd de Abril church. We are remodeling parsonage at Borja church.

     We now have 57 evangelists working in twelve states that we are assisting financially in some way each month asthey minister to congregations and  plant new ones.  This requires many donations monthly.    We often run short but rely on faith to pay salaries. WFM also is called upon to help in  medical and other emergencies so contingency money is important. We  are helping to start a new work in San Luis Potosi.  

   .. The Guadalupe church is working to remodel building at their mission church plant in Ben. Juarez .  


      Members at La Villa church in Matamoros are finally seeing the roof of their big expansion on.. They must finish the inside.  The new minister, Nathan and Betsasida Mendoza have begun their work there and welcomed their first child. 

    We have a new minister at Borja church in Monclova  David Colossia and family We are remodeling the parsonage.

      We are deeply saddened by the death of long-time preacher and musician, camp manager at Sandia, Filemon Castro. 


    The church at Arteaga is construction another building  for activities and hoping to create enough facilities for church camps.  We have provided some funds for the church at Yanez, Guadalajara as they remodel the building, baptistry and pews.  They continue to work on missions in other parts of Jalisco and their On-line programs.​

WORKERS FOR MEXICO is now supporting eight additional evangelists and ministers in the states of Guanajuato, Queretaro

and Michoacan,   They had been a part of the work of MEN mission. ( Mexican Evangelism Now






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